Herbal Medicine Class

HerbsFor thousands of years, humans have lived in a world in which most of the "medicine" we need is right at our fingertips. This knowledge used to be passed on, one generation to the next. Let's bring that back!

Come learn how to incorporate and use herbs for your health. We will cover the all the basics and make medicine together via video feed. We cover 25 herbs in detail and you will learn when and how to use them. Notes are provided for each session. .

Cost: $149

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Week 1: Herbal Medicine Basics

Preview Week 1 - Click Video Below!

Week 2: Medicinal Herbs - First aid and acute conditions

Preview Week 2 below:

Week 3: Medicinal Herbs - Keeping a strong and healthy immune system

Preview Week 3 below:

Week 4: Medicinal Herbs - Healthy heart and circulation

Preview week 4:

Week 5: Medicinal Herbs - Healthy brain

Preview week 5:

Week 6: Putting it all together

Preview week 6:

Here is a full list of the herbs we will be covering.

Here is where I do 99% of my shopping for those herbs I do not grow myself.

Image attribution: http://www.bigstockphoto.com/search/?contributor=ChamilleWhite

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