Online Workshops

workshops Online workshops taught by Dr. Camp are available throughout the year.

Workshops last three weeks.

Previous workshops include:

  • Natural First Aid
  • Homeopathy Series

Teleseminars / Webinars

teleseminarsDr. Camp offers many different kinds of teleseminars and webinars and this is a great way to interact, share with family and friends and interact live with Dr. Camp. For upcoming teleseminars please visit Medicine Talk upcoming events.

Archives can be found on the online store.


lecturesMany organizations have invited Dr. Camp to give lectures to their community including the YMCA and other non-profit organizations. Dr. Camp is available to lecture on a wide range of topics related to Naturopathic Medicine.

Contact Dr. Camp to discuss bringing her to your community.

Check the Calendar for scheduled talks.

UVax Clinical Notes


classes Dr. Camp teaches several classes, including a homeopathy seminar series that helps give students a foundation in the philosophy and practice of this healing modality.

Learn Homeopathy with Dr. Camp.

She also teaches Herbal Medicine Making at Home - what every person should know to be able to use herbs as medicine at home!

Herbal Medicine Making at Home - self-study course


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