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Medicine Talk provides live teleseminars and online workshops about holistic health which are founded upon naturopathic principles. Visit the site to find out when your favorite topics are being offered. READ MORE.

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Classes & Lectures

nat_medDr. Eli Camp actively teaches classes on homeopathy and Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Camp teaches several online workshops, teleseminars, and classes. Read about how you can bring Dr. Camp to your community.



Naturopathic Medicine Institute

nat_med“The Naturopathic Medicine Institute (NMI) exists to educate the public and medical practitioners about the principles and practice of naturopathic medicine. We strive to maximize the value of our educational offerings by stressing practical knowledge for the healing arts primarily designed for naturopathic physicians and other allied professionals to facilitate their professional development.”

Founder, James Sensenig, ND