There are several ways for you to become involved in learning homeopathy. Whether you are looking to become a homeopath, enrich your current homeopathic training or just to learn more about homeopathy we offer live classes and mini-workshops. We also offer teleseminars through Medicine Talk.

The live classes are for people who want to practice homeopathy in their community. These take 1 year of group instruction, 1 year of internship with Dr. Camp and additional hours of working with clients on your own. After all the requirements are met, you can apply for a certification through one of the national homeopathic associations.

The mini work-shops are perfect for the person who simply wants to understand a little more about homeopathy and how to use it personally or for their family.

The teleseminars through Medicine Talk offer 1-hour sessions where you can learn more about homeopathy basics.


Can I practice homeopathy without a license? There are no licenses for homeopathy in the US, so yes, you can.

Do I need any special software or textbooks? It depends on your interest in homeopathy. If you are taking these courses to enrich your understanding of homeopathy you may not need to purchase any of the software, materia medicas or other books. However, if you are planning to practice homeopathy there are several highly recommended tools of the trade. Two of those tools are RADAR/OPUS and Vermeullen's Concordant Materia Medica.

I am a health care professional, can I earn CE? Yes, this instruction can get approved through the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Examiners (OBNE) for CE.

Can I earn money practicing homeopathy? Absolutely.

Am I just turned loose after the series, what if I need help? All homeopaths need ongoing help and guidance, so yes, you will continue to receive guidance and coaching even after you have finished the series. Also, there are discussion groups and cases continually posted for you to study.

I know nothing about running a business... That's OK, part of what we do in this series is discuss how you can set yourself up in business, create marketing materials, how to recruit clients, what to charge, how to process payments and how to network with other health care professionals.

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2019 schedule will be posted shortly - classes start in June.

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