Patient Testimonials

ecampndOver the years, I have had the honor and priveledge to work with hundreds of people. Some, my younger patients, often diagnosed with a disorder on the Spectrum, have been challenging but ultimately the most rewarding. I do what I do because I truly believe in the healing ability of the body, the Vis. The philosophy of Naturopathic Medicine guides everything that I do - in a nutshell, the body wants and is always trying to be at optimal health. If we give it what it needs, remove all obstacles to cure and support the innate healing ability we all possess, health is inevitable.

I am not anti-pharmacy or anti-mainstream. I simply choose to approach the restoration of health and the creation of wellness from the Naturopathic perspective. I could not imagine practicing medicine in any other way and am blessed to be able to walk the healing journey with many people around the world!


Thank you to all the following people who were so willing to share their stories.

I spent thirty plus hopeless years feeling very ill with quite a few diagnosed chronic illnesses and was treated for these illnesses with a regiment of medications that I was supposed to take for the rest of my life to feel better. Last year I was again diagnosed with another medical problem and was informed that I would die if I didn’t take a certain medication forever. I was terrified and decided to seek alternative treatment because I wasn’t resolving any of my problems through the regular medical regimes. This is how I found Dr. Eli Camp.

From the beginning, I felt very comfortable with her and discussed in detail my health situation. She intently listened and asked a tremendous amount of questions and took a lot of notes. For the first time in my life, I found a wonderful, caring, knowledgeable doctor to listen and to hear me. Dr. Camp took the time with all her explanations of how to proceed and where we were going to start and how the process of finding a way to fix my health was going to happen. This is the first time, I believed with hope that I would feel better and she has no doubt that we will resolve all my medical problems. My journey working with Dr. Camp through all of this has been one of the best experiences of my life which I will treasure forever in my heart. Thank you Dr. Camp for the kindness and care you are giving me.

Vera Kaufman
Chelmsford, MA

I am a married mother of 2 children ages 8 and 10. I am writing this to help anyone that is in the process of deciding on alternative Naturopathic Health care over the more traditional Medical care that this society is so accustomed to. Here is our story.

When my daughter was born, my husband and I thought were on top of the world. We already had a son who was so easy going and now we had this beautiful baby girl to complete our family. Well we didn’t know what we were in for with this little girl. She was not an easy baby, very colicky even while I was nursing her. We had many sleepless nights and I had to literally bounce her up and down to get her to fall asleep.

As my daughter hit 2 years of age we thought we were prepared for the “terrible two’s” as we already went though that stage with my son who was now 4. There were many tantrums but we also noticed that my daughter was much more defiant than our son ever was. Everything was an issue. Just driving in our car in the winter time was a struggle. My daughter would complain that she was hot and so not to have to listen to the screaming we would drive with no heat on and the windows rolled down.

So now my daughter was turning 3 and now she should be getting somewhat better because she should be somewhat out of the “terrible two” stage, well we called the next year the “horrible three’s”. Our daughter was in day care 3 days a week and picking her up everyday was filled with anxiety because we never knew what kind of mood she was in. We had many accident reports to fill out as our daughter was very aggressive towards other children. We even had reports to sign because our daughter would scratch the teachers so hard that she had drawn blood. Many times my husband or I depending on who would pick her up would leave the day care carrying her out kicking and screaming.

What was happening to our little girl? There was a rage that was growing inside her. She had no regard for safety or discipline. She was very impulsive and determined to do what she wanted to do. My sister being in the medical profession gave me the name of someone that could prescribe some medication along with some counseling. Well there was no way that you could counsel someone that was so impulsive and just wasn’t available to internalize what she was doing. So at the age of 4 we medicated her. We were told that she would be fine with medication. So with medication after medication after medication our life grew more and more grim and hopeless. As a family we didn’t want to leave the house or interact with others because we were so ashamed and embarrassed. We looked at other families and could only dream of having the kind of life that we were supposed to have.

Well as my daughter grew so did her rage. With medication were the side effects and you never knew what you were going to get. My daughter focused her rage at me because she knew she was safe with me. I had to take her to our bedroom closet where so wouldn’t be able to hurt anyone else or herself. She would go into such a rage, kicking me and screaming how much she hated me and throwing things at me. Then after the episode she really didn’t remember what had happened except that we would both be there crying and hugging each other. She would tell me that she didn’t feel real and that she hated herself and she didn’t know why God had made her this way. This went on until about age 6 when we decided to find some help though a Mass General provider. This provider was much more conservative with medication. She wanted to change my daughter’s medication again. Well panic set in and we thought if we hospitalized her that they could change her medication and that they could deal with the side effects. That was such a horrible experience but at the same time it gave our family a well needed mental break.

This new medication was the best yet but our daughter still had impulsive issues and was still very defiant. We had issues with our extended family trying to constantly give us advice and telling us that we were not disciplined enough with her. Holidays were dreadful and filled with anxiety. We were isolated even from our families that could never even comprehend what we were going through.

Our next step was to try another procedure called Neuro-biofeedback. We hooked our daughter up to some tiny electrodes on her head. She concentrated on playing a computer game with her mind. This help to make new brain connections and to calm down some of the brain waves. This did help a little but when she finished the protocol she went back to how she was before. Our hope was gone but we were not going to give up looking for something that could help us.

Then by chance we met our daughter’s soccer coach and their family. We looked at them as said wow why can’t our family be like that! We had no idea that they had been through some similar issues with their son. They gave me the name of Dr. Camp, a Naturopathic Doctor. At this point we had nothing to lose. I went to see her myself first for anxiety issues. She had helped me so I brought my daughter to see her. My daughter age 7 now told Dr. Camp that she didn’t think that anyone could help her. That was in February 2007. Today is my daughter’s 8th birthday and she is totally off her medication. She is happy, doesn’t have rages anymore, she is able to listen and can think before she acts, she now has friends, has joined the swim team and is able to ride the school bus like other kids. This has been a miracle for our family. We are finally able to see who our daughter really is and we enjoy her gifts that she brings to our family. For the first time we have found peace and can do the things that family’s are supposed to do together. I must confess that my husband and I are still waiting for her to go back to her old self and that this is a surreal experience. But as each day goes by and she wakes up, comes down stairs with a big smile on her face that feeling is slowly fading away to a distant memory.

The Ballard Family
New Hampshire

Our youngest child (now 23) was born with Down Syndrome and eight other diagnosises. Over the years, he has been lovingly cared for by nearly twenty specialists and has courageously endured 12 surgeries. Because he also has an Autonomic Nervous System Dysfunction, he has suffered many reactions to medications that have landed us in the ER on more than one occasion. As an RN, it has been difficult to do resuscitative measures on my own son. We found because Jacob's medical issues were so complex, there came a time six years ago, when many of our specialists just had nothing they could offer him anymore...

Since our Heart Surgeon was originally from another country where alternative medicine was practiced, he encouraged us to see a Naturopathic Holistic Doctor, for which we will be forever grateful. As we prayed, God led us to Dr Elizabeth Camp. At that time, after trying everything we knew to do, our son was not able to have a bowel movement on his own for 4 days and was in agony. Because of her special love for children with Autism, her wisdom, and her natural giftedness, Jacob can now eliminate without pain on his own, everyday!

As 24/7 caregivers, my husband and I have also been blessed by Dr. Camp's tender, thorough care. We are healthier and able to do all God has called us to do in meeting Jacob's needs, because of this journey we continue to take with Dr. Camp. We are so very thankful that the Naturopathic approach seeks to find and heal the root cause of the problem, not just address and treat symptoms....

The Bascom Family

There is so much I can say about my journey with Naturopathic Medicine and Dr. Eli Camp. But I will keep this short in the hopes that if you read any of these testimonials, you read mine because it is so short. I found Naturopathic Medicine after searching online for other options to treat my eczema. This search led me to finding Dr. Eli Camp and in 2009, I picked up the phone and called her. All I can say, is that in our first 15 minutes of conversation, our free consult no less, I became more hopeful that I had been in years. She talked to me about finding the underlying cause of illness, providing my body with whatever it might need to be healthy and how she would be there every step of the way. In that 15 minutes, we discussed how health can be restored in many ways - food, supplements, herbs and homeopathy, a form of medicine I knew NOTHING about, and she sent me a little book to read up on it. For all of you out there considering Naturopathic Medicine as a possibility, well. all I can say is that it was the absolute best decision I have ever made for my health. Today, and I am writing this in 2012, I am the healthiest I have ever been, no eczema, no joint pain, no headaches, no fatigue, no sense of hopelessness or despair - life is good! I eat well, take very few supplements and am on no medications whatsoever. I am 69 years old and feel better than I have ever felt in my life! I have sent many, many people her way and the way of other Naturopathic Doctors...never a complaint have I heard. You owe it to yourself to give this medicine a chance. Maybe you will get lucky and Dr. Camp will be taking new patients again - but, if not, I am sure you will find the perfect Naturopathic Doctor for you!

B. Edwards
Tampa, FL

One late night in January of 2006, I emailed a desperate note to a naturopathic physician, who I had found online while searching for alternative medicine for my son Ryan. As luck or fate would have it, Dr. Eli Camp emailed me back the very next day. Our journey together began that day, and probably will continue throughout our lives because Dr. Camp is a healer, a genuine healer that puts her entire self into your shoes, your life, and does not settle for anything less than your being cured. This is our story…

My first son Ryan was a feisty baby who didn’t like to make eye contact or sleep, loved to bang his body around and eat endlessly. He rarely liked to be held, cuddled or consoled and he could stretch out straight and strong, and stand with support, after only 4 weeks. He sat up on his own at 4 months, walked at 8 months and literally ran at 9 months. Along with his seemingly mature physical ability, came no consistent sleep and an energy level that far surpassed mine or his father’s. Eczema first appeared when he was only 3 months old.

Ryan was always tall and strong for his age, and aggressive in his play. At 2 Ryan learned his alphabet and his numbers, yet he had only 4 words – one being ‘no!’ When his pediatrician asked him to say his alphabet at his two year old check up – he said it backwards! He could write both uppercase and lowercase letters at 2 1/2 years, and in fact that’s about all he drew – letter after letter, same pattern, same style. His speech finally arrived in phrases around his 39th month and his sentences finally came by the time he was 4. Autism or autistic spectrum were words that floated around often. His eczema was held at bay using many ointments and medications.

By 3 ½ years old Ryan still was not sleeping through the night. His social awkwardness, no regard or understanding of social rules or norms, lack of speech, hyperactivity and aggression was disrupting his school, as well as other social, even family occasions. Joining play groups, co-existing without incident in any group any where, and gathering with family and his cousins was one anxious experience after another. Everyone had their opinion of Ryan, and it usually was surmised as his being spoiled, crazy, undisciplined, and even just a bad seed that his parents didn’t recognize as such. No one ever realized I stayed up nights researching, reading and asking questions of everyone supposedly educated enough to help me. No one ever considered that this was beyond anyone’s control and that despite Ryan’s seemingly nonchalant reaction to things, that he too was troubled by his own behaviors. Some helped was offered finally when his school district coded him a Developmental Delay and gave him time with an OT and Speech Therapist each day. They also labeled him with Sensory Integration Dysfunction [which explained the mysteries such as at 3 when he screamed in pain as his hands were put in shaving cream]. His OT used the The Wilbarger Deep Pressure and Proprioceptive Technique for almost 2 years which helped Ryan tremendously as ‘touch’ played less and less a role in his life. He would finally go to others, and hug and show affection without hurting others or running the other way.

While the help from school was wonderful, sleep had still not come to our house, and Ryan’s behaviors grew more into a problem as even the most typical school rules, were difficult for him to follow. Sitting in circle time should have been easier, but it was not. Joining his cousins playing should have been easier, but it wasn’t, and other’s patience with him grew even more diminished because he “should have grown out of this by now!” My anxiety grew to new limits as taking Ryan any where often resulted in adults rolling their eyes and whispering, and kids running away from him,

We moved on to other specialists and when Ryan was 4 he tested positive for dust mites and pollens. His allergist told me he also had cough variant asthma and acid reflux as well and sent us home with bags of inhalers, oral meds and topical meds – all that were supposed to contribute to his sleeping, reducing eczema and overall helping him cope with his body inside and out. Right up until this time, I had insisted to many of his doctors that certain foods played a role in Ryan’s skin and behavior, but since he tested negative for foods through IgE testing, his allergists, dermatologists and pediatrician dismissed my accounts and wrote me even more prescriptions. Making a long story short, from ages 1-6, Ryan had been prescribed tens and tens of drugs and had been also taking many over the counter drugs for his allergies, eczema and/or asthma. While I hated every one of those drugs and all their side effects, I didn’t know what else to do to clear up his skin, stop his constant cough, and allow him much needed sleep at night.

In December of 2005 all Ryan’s prescriptions stopped working. Plenty had stopped working earlier, but by swapping products and using intermittently, we were able to manage Ryan’s symptoms well enough. But suddenly the eczema came to his face for the first time since under 12 months old. Then it moved all over his body taking on a life of its own. Medications did nothing. His doctors wanted to make the prescriptions stronger, and add more to his already crazy regimen. Ryan did not react to meds in a typical way, if at all. His skin had lost its pigment in places where eczema was the worst, his skin turned leathery, scaly, dry, tight and cracked, and his sensitivities to chemicals and his environment was worsening. One month later, after a trip up north in the winter, we swam in an indoor heated pool and when he got out, Ryan was covered in raised red rashes and flared eczema. He could not stop itching. He could not sleep. His doctors threw their hands up and suggested at this point, it was stress making him so sick. No one wanted to tackle Ryan’s case. And thus, our current 2 year journey of painful skin, incessant itch, sleeplessness and sensory overload began anew.

Ryan has been on so many meds [up to 6 oral and topical at any given time], and to get us where? To a time where he can’t enjoy the beach. his pool or sweating without crying? A time when going to bed made him so anxious – he called it his bad half of the day, because he knew he would itch and writhe for hours on end? A time when taking a bath would result in screaming from the burn on his skin. With so many variables - sensory, sleep, food and environmental allergies, it was my greatest hope that a doctor think outside the box and not send me away telling me he has severe ‘atopic dermatitis’ and only an armful of meds can help alleviate the pain. Ryan’s issues were simply more complex than that diagnosis yet no one could see him as I did. I was looking for someone to see all of Ryan, take his whole history into consideration and move forward with tests/diagnoses to find the true cause for such discomfort in my beautiful son. Most of all, to find someone that wouldn’t dismiss him as a bad boy or me as a bad mother.

That was the month we sought help from a Naturopathic doctor. Dr. Camp was the first doctor who listened to my every word. She understood that his whole history, every little thing mattered in getting to this place we now found ourselves in. Immediately she suspected foods played a huge role, and when we took dairy, eggs and peanuts from his diet, Ryan was sleeping through the night within three days for the first time in his life. In our 22 months of Naturopathic care, we have seen many ups and downs, but in my heart, I know that this was indeed the right path, and that we are forever indebted to Dr. Camp for her love, knowledge and persistence.

Just in the last two months, Ryan has been able to swim in our pool again, he sleeps most nights, and is excelling in school and athletics. No more do I wait for that call from his teacher, the behavior specialist of the principal, and he beams with pride to tell me his day was fantabulous! His eyes are the kind of bright that is new to us…his skin is healing and we can’t get enough of his cuddles and love….he is less sensitive to his environment and smiles in a way that sends you to the moon and back. Ryan is in the best place he has been due to Dr. Camp, and while our journey continues, I cannot tell you the relief and hope she has brought to my family.

The Sherman Family
New Hampshire

Dr. Camp asked me if I would write a testimonial for people who might be considering Naturopathic Medicine as a choice for their health and the health of their family. In general, I would say that choosing to restore health was something that I always wanted to do I just did not know that was what I was looking for. I was always thinking of medicine as what needed to be done to deal with the symptoms, thinking that by treating the symptoms, we were restoring health. Wow - when I look back now I realize how simple it was, how right-in-front-of-my-eyes it was and I just did not see it.

On a personal note - working with Dr. Camp has changed our lives. We have 5 children, two of them are twins, both diagnosed with Autism at age 3 following a series of vaccinations. They were perfectly normal 2 year olds, developing well, speaking basic language, interacting, playing, just overall typical kids. They became ill with ear infections and were given antibiotics. Shortly after that, a few weeks or so, it was time for them to get their MMR vaccines - so being good parents, we did what we were told. Within 48 hours, our beautiful babies could not speak, would sit and scream, stopped sleeping, would not eat and stopped playing with us, themselves and the other children. A few months after that they were diagnosed with Autism. We were offered a variety of treatments (drugs) but about the same time we were told about Dr. Camp by a friend who is a pediatrician and who had worked with other children treated by we called. This was in 2009 and now, 3 years later in 2012, we still have work to do, but, our children are talking and are clearly returning to the world. No longer are they lost in that world of Autism, you know, the one where they are just not present. She treats the rest of our family as well - and we could not be happier. If you are thinking about working with an ND or using homeopathy for your health - give it a chance, it carries so much potential for real health. We were blessed and I pray you find this blessing too.

The Townsend Family
London, United Kingdom

I've spent 40 years of my life searching for a doctor like Dr. Camp. What makes Dr. Camp so special and unique you might ask? It's because Dr. Camp is the "real deal". Dr. Camp's honesty, integrity, compassion, ability to go the "extra miles" (yes plural) for her patients plus her innate ability to really "hear" what her patients are sharing with her is what makes Dr. Camp such a unique and rare experience in the medical field. In the truest sense of the word Dr. Camp is a " healer". Dr. Camp's professionalism and medical knowledge is beyond reproach. I feel so blessed to have the privilege to be one of Dr. Camp's patients and I thank God every day for placing Dr. Camp in my life. Because of the health and wellness that Dr. Camp brings to her patients Dr. Camp's patients have the potential to have their minds, body and spirit restored to optimum health. Thank you God and thank you Dr. Camp.

Deb Cross
New Hampshire

My son's healing journey has not been easy. He was diagnosed with autism when he was almost 3 that was 7 years ago. We have been working with Dr. Camp for 3 years and gone through lots of remedies, supplements, diet changes, even the way I clean house. I remember how overwhelming it felt not being sure if I could actually follow through with all the changes. It sounded like way more than any one woman could do. So I just started with one thing at a time and moved to the next when I was comfortable with it. Through the remedy changes I have watched my son make some huge Communication gains. Just today I told him he needed a hair cut and he said no. So I asked him why not? He said "because I like it long." I said i know you like it long but it is in your eyes and over your ears it is too long. He replied, "oh fine mom. Cut a little here (pointing to his bangs) and cut a little here (pointing to his sides) and cut a little here (pointing to his neck line) But everything else long, ok mom?" Who knew that 3 tiny pellets could cause this amazing change in how he communicated. Oh and when i finished his haircut he looked in the mirror and said "thats it mom its perfect!" Days like today make all the hard work worth it!

Cassidy Delisle

Here are a few words for my doctor and good friend, Eli Camp. I was raised in a very healthy way - good food, little to no medications, good energy practices, yoga, meditation, and all that hippy stuff :-) Homeopathy was something my mother used for colds, flus, bruises, cuts, bites and so I knew about this and have used it with my children. When my son became ill and stayed ill, he had seizures, and the doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him but wanted to try various drugs, I looked around for a homeopath and found Eli. He was treated by her for a couple of years - the seizures went away quickly but there were some other things to address. I write this in 2013 and it has been 4 years since we have seen her except for the occasional remedy - He is seizure free, no other issues, and we are so grateful that I felt I needed to tell our story as short and sweet as it is. I know there is a lot of controversy about homeopathy out there and that many docs just really don't believe in it...but it does work, it is a science and regardless of what anyone says, just because you do not know how something works does not mean it does not work. Thank goodness for Eli - and we are happy to say everyone here is well!

Amy Richardson of The Richardson Family