About Dr. Eli Camp

ecampndFrom early in my education I wanted to be a physician, to help people find health and wellness. When it came time to decide what type of medicine to learn, I started the decision making process by spending time with practicing pysicians - MDs and DOs because at that time I was not aware of Naturopathic Doctors. And so, there I found myself, spending hours with doctors and their patients, an average of 10-15 minutes per visit and quickly learned that I was headed toward two main activities: first was deciding if someone was in danger of losing their life and needed to be sent to the emergency room and second was deciding which drug to prescribe based on the symptoms they were presenting with. I would ask questions of the physicians I was following around in between each patient like, why do you suppose they have those symptoms - is it poor diet, are they under stress, is it genetic? I asked if they ever talked about the food they were eating or the kind of lifestyle they led, or if they were taking any supplements. I can vividly remember the moment I realized I needed to rethink the whole "being a doctor" thing...

A woman, about 45 years old, came in with a rash that had developed over most of her upper body. In the 10 minutes we spent with her I learned she had gotten the rash about 3 months previously, thought it was dry skin and had used lotion on it, had gotten married 4 months previously to a gentleman from a different culture, her diet had changed radically at that point and she was having some trouble with the new family (they were all residing together - inlaws and newlyweds). She got a prescription for a steroid cream and I asked the doc afterwards if it would have been worth exploring her new diet, or stress of change of life situation, or difficulties with the new family first to see if some small change could heal up the eczema instead of the steroid cream - which even I knew at that point can have nasty side effects. He looked at me and said - first I don't have the time and second that is not what I was trained to do. That really left me feeling quite empty. Luckily, at OU that year, a new Herbarium Director had been hired. She was a PhD with two initials after her name, ND, which I had learned stood for Naturopathic Doctor. So I went and chatted with her and began to learn all about Naturopathic Medicine. I knew with in a very short time that this type of medicine was much more promising than anything I had seen before. And I hunted down some NDs to follow around.

Wow!!!! I was caught, hook, line and sinker. We spent an hour on average with patients, two hours with new patients. We talked about everything in their life, all the things that could be affecting their health and prescribed treatment plans that addressed a wide array of things from food, to proper nutrition, stress management, liver support, detoxification, exercise, social interactions, toxic environments and more. I saw these doctors use herbs, physical medicine, energy medicine, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, talk therapy, physicial medicine, acupuncture and you know what I saw? I saw people getting better. People with minor issues such as eczema to people with very serious conditions like cancer, tuberculosis and fibromyalgia.

I chose to become a healer and I pursued my degree in Naturopathic Medicine. I chose to learn everything I could about all the modalities this medicine offers and to ultimately specialize in homeopathy. I learned that every human being has an innate healing ability and that the body is always striving to be as healthy as it can be in any given moment. As a Naturopathic Doctor, I help the body do its job by finding the obstacles to cure and by providing the body what it needs to be well. Most importantly, I teach. I teach my patients, my students, my colleagues and anyone who will listen about what it means to work with the body instead of against it. I spread this knowledge in many ways, one of which is through Medicine Talk.

I have never looked back - never doubted my path.

I have seen some miraculous healing take place and wish you many blessings along your path to health!


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