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Help create an incredible opportunity for children to learn about Nutrition.

As you probably know, the quality of nutrition and nutrition education for children has been progressively declining. The results we see today are rising rates of childhood obesity, childhood diabetes and multiple other inflammatory conditions never experienced in the pediatric population.

In an effort to participate in reversing this trend, a dedicated team at the Naturopathic Medicine Institute has been working hard on an ambitious project, Nutrition For Kids. This a comprehensive interactive online nutritional education program for those age 4+.

Nutrition for Kids will teach nutrition from a holistic perspective. How food grows, which nutrients are in food, how those nutrients help us, how to prepare meals, how to avoid toxic foods, and so much more. People will learn through interactive games, engaging activities, and goal setting.

The program will place emphasis on educating youngsters about the important role of food and how proper nutrition is the foundation of good health and vitality.

Here is a chance for you, 1 person, to help, to do something to affect true change on our planet.

Not only does this program serve to engage and educate the public but the long-term revenue from the completed program will in part fund residencies and the Centers of Excellence.

Pledge, share, talk it up. Whatever you can do is greatly appreciated.

Check out campaign videos and updates at:
Nutrition for Kids

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Dr. Camp is a NH licensed primary care ND. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma and went on to earn her Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine (ND) from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in 2005 and her DHANP in 2015.

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Dr. Camp helped found Medicine Talk, provides business education through Medicine Talk Pro, sits on the boards of the HANP and NMI, is on the Nutrition for Kids development team and volunteers her time to work with indigenous people of North America.

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Dr. Camp works with people from all over the world. In addition she runs several homeopathic training courses which vary in level from beginner to advanced. She is highly involved with the HANP to create more awareness of homeopathy.

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About Dr. Eli Camp

Dr. Eli Camp is a NH licensed primary care Naturopathic Doctor. She maintains a small private practice and strongly advocates for education about health through her website, MedicineTalk.org. She offers lectures, teleseminars and workshops. She is committed to licensure for NDs in all 50 states and has served as the past President and Vice President of NHAND. Currently, she serves on the HANP and NMI Boards. Dr. Camp's passion is spreading awareness of the incredible benefits of Naturopathic Medicine.

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