nat_docMedicine Talk is website that provides reliable holistic health information. In today's online information highway there are many places a person can go to find answers about alternative approaches to health. These approaches include using supplements, food or olistic therapies like acupuncture or homeopathy. One of the challenges that arises is knowing whether this information is accurate and reliable.

It is tricky because some sources of information come from people or companies selling particualr products while other information is simply word of mouth. Other sources may be coming from people or organizations who are simply anti-holistic or anti-mainstream health. While some folks offer the source of the information they provide, most do not.

So, here is one of the reasons why we started Medicine Talk - to provide holistic health information, based on either clinical research or on clinical anecdotal evidence and to tell you where the information comes from. We try to dispel myths and provide information you can trust and rely on without bashing other healing arts. If there is no evidence of any kind, we tell you. It is that simple.

Another vital function of Medicine Talk is to provide interactive learning for people in regards to their own health. We offer teleseminars and workshops, live events and classes all designed to take the mystery out of being healthy.

To change the health of our planet we need a health revolution - and that takes knowledge. It is my hope that Medicine Talk can play a role alongside many others to help this revolution take fire and spread.

I would be honored if you would take a look at what we have done so far and join us on our journey as we grow.


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